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Outpacing the Competition

Patent-Based Business Strategy




I created the cover shot on this book from a photo I took on September 20, 2007.  It is similar to a photograph that appeared on the front cover of a book called The Natural History of Sharks that had a significant influence on my interest in sharks many years ago.  One of the two authors of that book has the last name of Backus.  As such, I sent several photos of this white shark to the registry of great white sharks and suggested it be named "Backus."




Outpacing the Competition provides a useful IP management framework for rapidly evolving and inherently unpredictable R&D environments where companies are partners, customer, and competitors at the same time.” – Marshall Phelps, Corporate Vice President for IP Policy & Strategy, Microsoft


“Robert Cantrell’s book Outpacing the Competition: Patent-Based Business Strategy should be read by anyone involved in the practice of litigating or licensing patent rights of policymakers responsible for patent issues.  Mr. Cantrell provides a cogent approach for applying decisional methodology and game theory to enhance the utilization and understanding of patent rights.” – Bradley J. Olson, Esq., patent attorney, Washington, DC


“Robert Cantrell makes a compelling case for using intellectual property as a core for building solid business strategy.  He provides a unique and valuable perspective on competitive advantage, as delivered through patent-based business strategy.  This is an excellent addition to anyone’s business strategy arsenal.” – Jeff Hovis, Managing Principal, Product Genesis, Innovation Genesis LLC


“Robert truly treats patents and related intellectual property as both a weapon and a shield to help the reader use patents to out-maneuver global competitors of all kinds – the low-cost producer, the high-end innovator, etc.  CEOs, attorneys, business and engineering professionals and the like will enjoy the military imagery and flavor provided by Robert.  Thanks for clarifying how critical it is to have an understanding of patents in running a truly competitive global business today.” – José W. Jimenez, Esq., Chief Intellectual Property Officer, AMS Research Corporation



Outpacing the Competition

Patent-Based Business Strategy


In the field of patents, there are still innumerable treasures that have not been unearthed; they are hidden in the patent files of a company, or more likely, in the minds of brilliant researchers waiting for the right connection of ideas and support.


Taking the mystery out of patent strategy for business management, Outpacing the Competition explores the business dynamics behind creating, acquiring, advancing, and defending patentable assets.  Reveling the dynamics central to winning the competition for ideas and relationships through which companies derive successful products, this innovative book puts patentable assets, the core value of technology companies, at the center of a broader business strategy discussion.


Combining business strategy with legal and classical strategy, Outpacing the Competition makes it clear how professionals can and should integrate patents into all aspects of business strategy in order for an organization to achieve its full financial potential, with discussion of:


  • Emergent treasures: the creation and acquisition of valuable inventions from bright people

  • Ways to organize and use non-obvious advantages from the point of view of patent strategy

  • The ongoing decision cycle of assessment, decision, and action

  • The race of decision cycles in determining business tempo

  • Patents as a key driver of business growth for companies

  • The proven strategy models that illustrate how patents work


Filled with case studies and real-world anecdotes, this strategic guide equips professionals with tools to cultivate, grow, and guard their patents, and breaks down three key learning points about patent strategy: understanding what patent strategy is, winning the race of decision cycles, and mastering the interplay of interaction and isolation that occurs between companies through patent transactions and enforcement.


Patents provide a brief window of opportunity for companies to enforce the exclusivity of their inventions before competitors are able to imitate their ideas.  As the most quantifiable of intellectual property assets, patents are the cornerstone of a new type of business strategy that, while practiced, has not been adequately described.  Until now.


Required reading for business professionals and attorneys, Outpacing the Competition delivers much-needed guidance in developing business strategy that leverages the competitive advantages afforded by patents.


Robert L. Cantrell is a professional strategist and Director of Consulting at Landon IP, Inc.  He has managed multiple consulting and analytical engagement across a wide range of technology sectors that include the communications, electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, energy, and consumer goods fields.  For Landon IP customers, Mr. Cantrell manages patent analytical projects, innovation and IP strategy sessions, and advanced training courses.  He is on the faculty of Patent Resources Group (PRG), the leading provider of advanced patent education to the legal and business communities.  His core expertise in classical strategy has been proven to have wide applicability across many professional disciplines.